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Heart Day Rares

Alina | Sunday, February 12, 2023

Available from your Featured Gear Shop Now!

For feline fans or heroes as capricious as a cat, you can't not love these new rares! Find the Kitty Kawaii Outfit and more in your Featured Gear Shop in the game menu for AdventureCoins until March 10th. 

Now available from the Featured Gear Shop in your game menu:

  • Kitty Kawaii Outfit
  • Kitty Kawaii's Hair + Locks
  • Bubblegum Bubble Morph
  • Blushing Bandaid Visage
  • Kitty Bubblegum Morph + Visage
  • Kitty Shades Morph + Visage
  • Bubblegum Shades Morph + Visage
  • Shower of Affection + Pulsing Affection capes (with animated hearts!)
  • Kitty Comforts Ground Rune
  • Kitty Kawaii Bats
  • Kitty Kawaii Backpack
  • Kitty Bat and Backpack
  • Wings of Lost Love
  • Eternity of Love Key (imported from DragonFable)

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