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Superbowl Sunday LVII

Alina | Sunday, February 12, 2023

Half-time is /Punt time: Chieftains vs Harpies!

Join us this Sunday at during the SuperBowl half-time show to /punt Twilly, battle the Undead Defender, get new gear, and /cheer for your favorite team as the Bloodtusk Chieftains face off against the Darkovian Harpies.

When the Bloodtusk Chieftains face-off against the Darkovian Harpies, all of Lore goes CRAZY! So, football fans, kick your puntin' foot into high gear tonight, because the /punt map is NOW OPEN! 

When: During the Super Bowl half-time show 
Who: Chieftains, Harpies, the AQW Team & YOU!
Where: Right here... in-game!
What: /Cheer for your favorite team!

Score a field goal AND a rockin' character page badge by punting Twilly across the field and into the end zone!

LoreBowl LVII Gear

The half-time shop sports a stock full of returning fan favorites: Chieftains gear, Harpies gear, and faction outfits! So grab your pompoms and /cheer for your favorite team! Plus, battle the Undead Defender monster to collect all the Lorebowl House Pennants.


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