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Now available: Akiban Koi Sets

Alina | Friday, February 17, 2023

In Twilly's Treasure Chest + Wheel of Doom merge shop!

This week, as we continue celebrating all our February holidays, we've got new gear in the Wheel of Doom Merge and Twilly's Treasure Chest. Find the Ancient and Honorable Koi Ningyo sets, inspired by the Ningyo, a creature straight out of Japanese folklore, this weekend! 

Available in the Wheel of Doom Merge Shop:

  • Ancient Koi Ningyo armor
  • Ancient Koi Ningyo Pompadour + Ponytail
  • Ancient Koi Ningyo Headpiece + Headdress
  • Ancient Koi Ningyo Tachi (single + dual-wield)

Find all of the set gear in the Wheel of Doom merge shop:

  • Honorable Koi Ningyo armor
  • Honorable Koi Ningyo Pompadour + Ponytail
  • Honorable Koi Ningyo Headpiece + Headdress
  • Honorable Koi Ningyo Tachi (single + dual-wield)

And in the spirit of Carnaval, make sure to check out last year's holiday addition to the Wheel of Doom... the Capoeirista gear!

Find all of the set gear in the Wheel of Doom merge shop:

  • Capoeirista + Abada armor
  • Capoeirista armor
  • Dreads de Lutador morph helm
  • Tranças de Lutadora morph helm
  • Berimbau sword
  • Berimbau + Baqueta daggers

Spin the Wheel, Collect Treasures, Choose Your Prize 

Everyone loves to get prizes... and that's why everyone in AdventureQuest Worlds will get at least one free spin on the Wheel of Doom per week.

  • Members get one free spin a day while their upgrade is active
  • All players get one free spin a week. 

Each time you spin the Wheel of Doom, you'll get a Treasure Potion to spend in the Doom Merge Shop. Save up 1,000 and you'll be able to buy a Wicked Item of Donated Awesomeness. Each WIoDA lets you choose a rare or valuable item* straight from your account manager.

How to Claim your Prize

Make sure you have a confirmed email address attached to your game account, and then follow these steps:

  1. Decide on the item you want
  2. Log into your Account Manager
  3. Click on the "Awesome Prizes" link on the sidebar
  4. You'll see a list of the IoDA tokens you have available
  5. Choose from a list of ALL the eligible item rewards  
  6. You'll be taken to a verification page to confirm your choice

Redeem IoDA tokens to get even MORE bonuses

For each of the first six eligible IoDA tokens you receive , you'll get a FREE Bonus IoDA. The eligible tokens are the Ultimate, Epic, Platinum, Wicked  and Golden tokens. After that, you'll get a free Bonus IoDA for every 3 eligible IoDA you redeem, with no maximum stack. So if you have that dream set of gear you want to create... now you'll be able to.

After you redeem your...

  • 1st IoDA, you'll unlock 1 free bonus IoDA
  • 2nd IoDA, you'll unlock 1 free bonus IoDA
  • 3rd IoDA, you'll unlock 1free bonus IoDA
  • 4th IoDA, you'll unlock 1 free bonus IoDA
  • 5th IoDA, you'll unlock 1 free bonus IoDA
  • 6th IoDA, you'll unlock 1 free bonus IoDA

Then, for every 3 IoDA you redeem, you'll unlock another free bonus IoDA.

After you redeem your...

  • 7th, 8th, and 9th IoDA, you'll unlock 1 free bonus IoDA
  • 10th, 11th, and 12th IoDA, you'll unlock 1 free bonus IoDA

And so on. The 3:1 bonus IoDA ratio starts after you get your first 6 free BIoDA, regardless of when you received them. (Example: if you've redeemed a total of 21 IoDA tokens, you'll unlock 11 BIoDA total. The first 6 BIoDA at a 1:1 ratio, and then 5 more at the 3:1 ratio.)

* Exceptions include staff personal items, custom weapon contest prizes, HeroMart items, etc

Have You Found A Treasure Chest Yet?

Farm for Treasure Chests as you fight any monster in the game, then open them with Treasure Chest Keys from Twilly in Battleon. You'll get one of over 215 exclusive items. 

Open a Treasure Chest for a chance to get 1 of...

  • 49 armors
  • 50+ weapons
  • 60+ helms
  • 10+ capes
  • or 3 house items (including the Altar of Caladbolg)

Treasure Chests Details

There is a small chance to get a mysterious Treasure Chest as a reward drop when you battle ANY monster in-game. Have you found one yet?

Treasure chests are a fun - but completely optional - way to get exclusive items in AdventureQuest Worlds. The chests have a less than 1% chance of dropping from ANY monster in the entire game. Each one contains one of over 215 epic items that you can't get anywhere else (and the number will keep growing)!

  • All of the items are 0 AC so you can store them for free 
  • All of the items are non-member so you can use them forever

There's just one problem. You can't open the Treasure Chests without a Magic Key. The good news is that Twilly (the little red Moglin in Battleon) has a few extras and will happily sell you one for 200 ACs and open your chest for you.

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