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Become an Exodus Guardian

Alina | Saturday, May 20, 2023

Unlock the Full Set for a Limited Time

The world you battle through was created when the timelines of several other universes merged. But sometimes, relics of the past still find their way to our world. This weekend, log in and find the Exodus Guardian in Battleon. Unlock the entire set when you buy the titan-sized house guard for 2,000 AdventureCoins. Equip it in your house to access his shop full of rare, 0 AC gear. The Exodus Guard items will  be available until June 16th.

Exodus Guard Set

A tear in space lead to a neverending fall, where shadows writhe and titans rage. Though a Dragonlord travelled through time to quell the wrath of their kin, still others wait for their chance to devour the sun.

  • Exodus Guardian House Guard
  • Exodus Guardian
  • Exodus Guardian's Horns
  • Exodus Guardian's Skull
  • Exodus Guardian's Portal
  • Exodus Guardian's Blade
  • Exodus Guardian's Scythe
  • Banished Spirit Cape (color-customizable to Accessory)

The Exodus Guard will DOMINATE your home, intimidating everyone you know, have known, or will ever know.

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