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Weekly Event Calendar: April 2022

Alina | Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Upcoming Game Events: April 2022

The month of Madness begins nowLog in all month long for new seasonal and story events, wicked rewards, and a double dose of Darkon's Saga! 


April 1 

April Seasonal Set returns
Completely normal release
NecroStorm upgrade bonus pack arrives

April 8 Battleontown Rebuilt + New Reward Drops (thanks for donating all that gold!)

April 15 Grenwog + Earth Day return + Cysero's Meateor Fragment Hunt

April 22 Darkon's Saga of Madness, Chapter VIII 

April 29 Darkon's Saga of Madness: Return to the Garden Boss Reward Farm


April 1 Lucky Day Rares + March seasonal set

April 5 25% Spring AdventureCoin Bonus ends at 11:59 PM EST

April 8 Featured Gear Shop: Dark Astravian General Set leaves

April 15 Dage's Birthday Event Rares + Collection Chest leave

April 17 Rare daily login gifts from March 26 + 27

April 29 Grenwog + Earth Day event rares leave

April 30 Rare daily login gifts from April 1 + 17 + April National Day drops

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