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Battle Concert Update

Alina | Friday, June 26, 2020

Battle through the in-game concert event with your friends

This weekend, log into AQWorlds and find a new event menu in the Concert Arena, as well as other updates to help you battle alongside your friends. See all of the in-game musical event details on the event page at!

Our original plan for the event was to exactly mirror the battle concert in AQ3D... but based on your feedback and suggestions, we've updated the current event map. Future events will also be more heavily story-focused, as requested!

Changes to the event area include:

  • Event menu to help you navigate through all of the song selections
  • Songs split into individual maps to help you find your friends more easily
  • Visible quest window to help you track progress

New Set in the Event VIP Merge Shop: Freak on a Leash

Now available with any Battle Concert Event VIP package through our website: the Freak On A Leash armor, helm, hands daggers, and hands cape. Find the set in your VIP Merge Shop in /kornpass and /concertVIP

New reward sets in the Event Merge Shop

To help you rock out as you battle through the event, we've added five new armor sets to the Event Merge shop! The Awards Show armors will outfit you nicely when it comes time to /gear up and accept your award for "Best Performance in an Online Concert Event" and the Rockin' Hoodie and Hard Rocker armors and helms will help you /SLAY!

Battle through the in-game concert event with your friends

Head to /kathool and take on one of the most massive Chaos Beasts Lore has ever seen for a chance to get the pieces of AQW Community Guest Artist, ShadowSlayer Rei's birthday armor set. These items will be permanently available and are all 0 AC (for free storage)!

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