Bloodzerker and Bloodmage Golden Giftboxes + Shark Week

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Bloodzerker and Bloodmage Golden Giftboxes + Shark Week

Hollow | Thursday, July 13, 2023

July 2023 Golden Giftboxes - Galeforce Bloodzerker and Anemomancer Bloodmage:

Unleash the fury of the July 2023 Golden Giftbox Prizes! Prepare to be swept away by the newest Bloodzerker and Bloodmage armor and weapon sets. These cursed artifacts possess an unparalleled rage that drains your own HP, empowering you to unleash devastating attacks upon your adversaries.


Limited-Time Shop - SHARKS:

Dive into the depths of AdventureQuest as SharkWeek returns! The Limited-Time Shop is back, and it's brimming with toothy treasures that'll make your foes tremble. Get ready to unleash the power of the ocean with three brand new weapons that will make you the apex predator of the battlefield. Don't miss your chance to sink your teeth into the action during SharkWeek on AdventureQuest. The waters are calling, and the hunt begins now!


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