Dragonlorn Keep Summer Event Part II

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Dragonlorn Keep - The Frontier of Perdition

Hollow | Friday, February 5, 2021

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Dragonlorn Keep Summer Event - The Frontier to Perdition:
Rushed by a mysterious letter bearing the seal of Dragonsgrasp, you make a journey to the location Sandsea became Skraeling, and Surewould approached both. Where the remnants of an ancient shadow have began laying siege to the Stormfallen protectorate of Terminus!

Limited-Time Shop:
The Summer's Edge greatsword was GROWN by the elves of Greenguard, who drew the metal out of the earth like the trees draw water through their roots! You can wield both the power of the summer sun's bright light and nature's earthy wrath. Also find the Electric and Pridesmatic Yo-Yo weapons!

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