Dragonlorn Keep Summer Event

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Dragonlorn Keep Summer Event

Hollow | Friday, February 5, 2021

Gold & XP Boost
 Until May 26th gain an extra 25% bonus Gold and XP from battles!

Dragonlorn Keep Summer Event - Darker Memories:
In preparation for a great and perilous journey, it's time to discuss with Warlic concerning the shadows haunting both of your pasts. In this incredible kickoff to our massive Summer event, you play as the powerful Archmage himself and relive his memories of the events that devastated the Far West -- where the legend of Dragonlorn Keep awaits!

Limited-Time Shop:
Also make sure you stop by the Limited-Time Shop and grab your Memorial Shield. Filled with the fiery fighting spirit of all the brave heroes that have fallen throughout history.

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