Grenwog Festival 2020: Mutant Eggs

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Grenwog Festival 2020: Mutant Eggs

Artix | Friday, February 5, 2021

Grenwog Festival - Mutant Eggs:
14 years ago Robina Hood hid the first Werebunny eggs around Battleon to protect them from the fabled Grenwog! The Grenwog has a voracious appetite for these eggs, more than it fears the taste of your sharp blades and powerful magic. Robina underestimated the keen senses of the Grenwog though, and now you must rescue these eggs before the Grenwog can eat them all! During the Grenwog Festival, rescued Werebunny eggs can be collected and then exchanged for powerful holiday equipment! This year a huge haul of new Mutant Egg Gear arrives!

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