Grenwog Festival 2022

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Grenwog Festival 2022

Hollow | Friday, April 8, 2022

Grenwog Festival 2022 - Overgrowth

You will need to collect Werebunny eggs that are hidden throughout town to trade them in for special rewards -- but beware of the fabled Grenwog. It likes the taste of eggs more than it fears the taste of your sharp blades and powerful magic. The Grenwog's sharp teeth and inbred insanity makes it a deadly enemy!

This year the festival is running a little long, as the Grenwogs refuse to return home! As you set out to find what's wrong, Galanoth appears to be onto the cause! Plant Dragons... starting forest fires?


Limited-Time Shop:

Stop by the Limited-Time Shop and pick up your Choco-Lite axes and Hedgemog pet! Leaving the tempering to magical smiths made it tough on the teeth, but tougher on your foes! This deliciously legendary axe comes in both Destiny and the new Rage series. The Hedgemog Pet returns! This little Moglin is superfast, and deals more damage than most pets, but in order to move at such blazing speeds in battle, he needs some gold(en rings) to attack!

This will be the final week to grab your Legion series axes from the LTS as they will all leave with next week's release.

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