Prismstrike Arsenal 12K Z-Token Package

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Prismstrike Arsenal 12K Z-Token Package

Hollow | Thursday, June 27, 2024

12K Z-Token Package - Prismstrike Arsenal:

Prepare to embrace a kaleidoscope of combat power with the Prismstrike Arsenal. This vibrant collection features three formidable standalone weapons: a melee rainbow-hued ripper, a versatile ranged spear that can toggle between throwing and melee modes, and a powerful magical staff that channels arcane energies. Complemented by a radiant and powerful prismatic shield to complete this arsenal. Harness the full spectrum of offensive and defensive might with this colorful array of gear!

This dazzling Z-Token package showcases 8 fabulous items:

  • Twilight Spire of Transformation
  • Radiant Spire of Transformation
  • Aces High
  • Blade of the Unifier
  • Shining Prismatic Stormward
  • Umbral Prismatic Stormward
  • Electric Prismatic Stormward
  • and one Pridefully Prismatic title!

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