Talk Like a Pirate Day 2022 Event2

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Talk Like a Pirate Day 2022 Event

Hollow | Friday, September 16, 2022

2022 Talk Like a Pirate Day Event:
Avast! Climb aboard the Red Betty and test ye pirate knowledge with Captain Rhubarb's Pirate Quiz! Ye be an Old Salt that really knows their stuff? Well ye could survive long enough to visit Rhubarb's Pirate Scholar Shop... but best be made of stern stuff if you wish to lay claim to these special rewards! Plus explore tons of other quests around Rhubarb's ship including a deep sea treasure hunt, blasting Floyd out of a cannon and much more!

September 2022 Golden Giftboxes - Talk Like a Pirate Day:
Ahoy! There be a ton o' booty in the Golden Giftboxes! A specially bred Earth version of the Hippocampus, this aquatic steed is a powerful offensive armor. Arcane Cutlasess are wielded by more magically adept pirates and amplify the power of your Earth or Ice spells. Plus new Ravenous and Gold-Hungry Mimic Pets!

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RhubZard Void Takeover:
A zarrrrrd has stumbled upon a certain pirate captain's laundry and has now taken on the persona of Captain Rhubzard - waiting in The Void to test the mettle of Lore's bravest champions!


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