The 2023 Summer Season of Gifting Contest - FINAL DAY!

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The 2023 Summer Season of Gifting Contest - FINAL DAY!

Hollow | Thursday, August 31, 2023

2023 Summer Season of Gifting Contest:

Tibbles the Merry Elf has returned with a wave of joy and gifting extravaganza to AdventureQuest's 2023 Summer Season of Gifting. In this year's gifting contest, Tibbles brings double the excitement with two sets of prizes! First, there are coveted community prizes, The Mermazon Champion Set. As players generously shower each other with gifts, specific gifting milestones will be reached. With each milestone, the entire AdventureQuest community unlocks fantastic rewards, fostering a sense of togetherness and shared accomplishment!

But that's not all! Tibbles also recognizes the top gifters as the elite "Giftmasters." These extraordinary individuals stand out for their incredible generosity and dedication to spreading cheer. The Giftmasters will be rewarded with their own unique set of prizes, The Wingweaver Battlegear Set, specially curated to showcase their remarkable giving spirit and elevate their status as true gifting champions.

And don't miss your chance to win one of the 25 Iceborne Visage Misc prizes being given away every day during the contest for players gifting that day. Every Z-Token you generously give becomes a gift for another player, so players can receive daily surprises of up to 5K Z-Tokens just for enjoying AQ!

Keep an eye out for Tibbles, who appears randomly during your adventures, or you can visit him directly through Today's Event page.

This contest will end 11:59 PM EST August 31st, so don't let these exclusive prizes slip away before Tibbles makes his journey back home!

- Top Giftmasters -

Wingweaver Battlegear Set:
- Top 5 Grand Giftmasters: Golden Dev Ticket (Custom Weapon Skin)
- Top 25: Color-Custom Armor
- Top 50: Armor
- Top 100: Pet
- Top 200: Weapon Set
- Gift at least 4000 Z-Tokens: Misc
- Gift at least 2000 Z-Tokens: Shield
- Gift at least 1000 Z-Tokens: Elite Faces
- ALL Gifters: Faces

Mermazon Champion Set:
- 30 Million Total Z-Tokens Gifted: Offensive Seaturtle Pet & King Crab Assault Spell
✔️ 20 Million: Custom-Color Armor
✔️ 12 Million:  Armor
✔️ 10.5mil: Magic Weapon
✔️ 9mil: Melee Weapon
✔️ 7.5mil: Ranged Weapon
✔️ 6mil: Misc
✔️ 4.75mil: Pet
✔️ 3.75mil: Shield
✔️ 3mil: Faces

Daily Prize Giveaway:
- Iceborne Visage Misc: 25 given away every day of the contest for players gifting that day! The daily prize will be delivered right before midnight server time, at the end of each day.



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