The War Between Shadows Part II - Once Upon a Scheme

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The War Between Shadows Part II - Once Upon a Scheme

Hollow | Thursday, June 17, 2021

The War Between Shadows 2021 Summer Event Part II - Once Upon A Scheme:

After meeting the new generation of Protectors, you return to the forces watching over the Far West borders and receive stranger news. You are not the only one fighting what forces remain loyal to Erebus.

A disturbing report stands out: Something is going after the ShadowScythe remnants... and devouring them.


Limited-Time Shop - Starforge, White Dwarf, and Red Giant:

The famed axes of Artix, now further enhanced by the power of the Sun! These weapons swap between Melee and Magic, and Starforge also lets you break out of immobilizing statuses by spending SP. We have also released White Dwarf and Red Giant variants that allow you to deal increased damage at the risk of receiving more damage in combat!

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