2023 Independence Holiday and More

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2023 Independence Holiday and More

Hollow | Thursday, July 6, 2023

Independence Day Limited-Time Shop:

Fireworks are set to light up the skies of AdventureQuest as the American and Canadian Independence Day Limited-Time Shop makes its triumphant return! Celebrate with a bang and grab the two newest additions: Liberty Launcher and Canuck Cannon. Unleash explosive patriotism as you blast through battles and honor your country in style. But hurry, these exclusive rewards won't stick around forever!

Rare Monster Hunt - Uncle Krenos:

The Prime Energy Dragon, Krenos, has decided to do some patriotic cosplay and now sightings of Uncle Krenos have been reported throughout Lore! Defeat the mightiest energy dragon alive and unlock your own powerful Patriot Katana, updated to now include new Ranged and Magic forms.

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Void Takeover - Shinyaro:

Prepare for a showdown as Shinyaro, Master of the Southern Paw, seizes control of The Void in AdventureQuest. Conquer this dangerous adversary and unlock a bounty of legendary loot!

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Griffin Pet Updates:

The time has come for our beloved Griffin and Patriot Griffin Pets in AdventureQuest to spread their wings and soar to new heights. Prepare for a revitalization this week that will breathe fresh life into these legendary companions of old!

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