3 Limited-Time Z-Token Package Bonuses Leaving Soon

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Limited-Time Z-Token Package Bonuses Leaving Soon

Artix | Friday, January 29, 2021

50000 Z-Token Package - Champion of the Fire Realm Set:
Worn by a champion wreathed in fierce flames, this armour grants excellent resistance to Fire and possesses superior attack power. Take the battle to your enemies in this Champion Set and drag them into the Realm of Fire during combat. This fiery set will only be available until October and then gone forever!

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Z-Token Packages - Superior Knowledge Spell and Spirit of Change Misc:
Summon a school of flying tomes to overwhelm your foes, dealing bonus damage if their intelligence is low enough. The Spirit of Change Misc gives you resistance to Wind attacks and boost to Charisma. It also gives a +10% gold from battles when in your active inventory, and a +25% boost during the entire month of September. Grab these packages while they last as both will only be available until October!

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