Grenwog Festival 2019

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Grenwog Festival 2019

Hollow | Monday, April 15, 2019

Grenwog Festival 2019 - Trouble A-Poaches:
The time has come for the annual Grenwog Festival! Collect eggs that are hidden throughout town and trade them in for special rewards. Except… where’s the Grenwog? And the wererabbits, for that matter. They’re gone without a trace! Have they been eggsterminated? Who would want to hunt these species into eggstinction? Team up with Valencia and discover who or what could be behind the vanishing Grenwog beasts!

AfterlifeX's Birthday Celebration:
Join us in wishing AQ Moderator AfterlifeX a Happy Birthday as he levels up in real life, and grab your own Guardian-exclusive Necragon Pet!

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