The Devourer Saga + Shogun and Anatsu Z-Token Package

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The Devourer Saga + Shogun and Anatsu Z-Token Package

Hollow | Saturday, August 27, 2022

Devourer Saga - The Beacon, The Huntress Arrives, and A Day At The Inn:

We continue the ongoing project of updating one of Falerin's greatest legends - The Devourer Saga! Adding new challenges with updated tiers and rewards along the way. This trio of Devourer Saga quests and cutscenes begins the awakening of The 'Galin! Make sure you stop by the Memorial Shop and pick up the new Kurgweenboh Pet.

Updated 7.5K Hulk Shogun and Anatsu Guest Contract:

Call forth the mercenary duo Hulk Shogun and Ansatsu to destroy your enemies! Just make sure you have the gold to pay them for their incredibly powerful Fire and Wind attacks!

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