Updated and Returning Z-Token Packages

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Updated and Returning Z-Token Packages

Hollow | Friday, January 26, 2024

12K Tribal Shaman Z-Token Package + Tribal Shaman Staff Updates:

Your connection to the mystical realms is about to become even stronger as the Tribal Shaman Armor Z-Token Package bonus, as well as the Tribal Shaman Staff in the Z-Token Shop, have received new updates!

12K Heart's Crusher Armaments Z-Token Package Returns:

Heart Crusher Mace is filled with the fiery passion of love! Swap between Melee, Magic and Ranged Fire damage - with a special attack to control your enemy's hearts. The Heart Defender Shield defends against Fire attacks, and can bolster your fighting spirit by restoring your SP when you block attacks! Grab this incredible gear while you can as it will only be available until March!

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