June 2022 Z-Token Package Bonuses

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June 2022 Z-Token Package Bonuses

Hollow | Friday, May 27, 2022

20K Z-Token Package Bonus - Airenal's Lance:

This deadly lance features Melee/Ranged/Magic forms and can also transform you into The Lord of the Skies, the legendary quad-winged Airenal!

6K Z-Token Package Bonus - Spirit of Summer Misc:

This ethereal charm gives you resistance to Light attacks and the joy of impending beach vacations (+CHA)! It also normally gives +10% gold from battles when in your active inventory, and a +25% boost during June!

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7.5K Z-Token Package Bonus - Bloodthorn Armaments:

Bloodthorn Blade not only delivers powerful Earth attacks, it can also cause your enemy to bleed with its myriad of thorns! If you use the Bloodthorn Armaments together in combat, damage inflicted by the shield gets doubled.

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