Summer Event Part III + Voidforged Celestial Arsenal

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Summer Event Part III + Voidforged Celestial Arsenal

Hollow | Friday, July 28, 2023

2023 Summer Event Part III - Insurmountable:

The Mountain, corrupted by Pestilence, is unleashing a plague-warped army upon the Western Expanse! War erupts as the Knights wonder how to defend against a forgotten titan from primordial times... can you find a way to defeat Pestilence before they are crushed?

20K Z-Token Package - Voidforged Celestial Arsenal:

Once a celestial being of divine radiance succumbed to the allure of the Void, plunging into its depths and emerging forever changed. Now, wielding these ethereal artifacts, you can tap into the cosmic forces and channel the raw power of the celestial and the enigmatic void. Will you dare to grasp this celestial's legacy and wield the Voidforged Celestial Arsenal?



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