Umbralwalker of Time 20K & 50K Z-Token Packages

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Umbralwalker of Time 20K & 50K Z-Token Packages

Hollow | Monday, August 8, 2022

20K and 50K Z-Token Packages - Umbralwalker of Time Set:

What IS an UmbralWalker of Time, you ask? Good question! These intrepid, timely explorers can step into a shadow from one time-stream and emerge from a completely different shadow in another time stream. This powerful package includes:

  • Armor
  • Shield
  • 3 Weapons
  • 4 player faces
  • Title

As an added bonus, owners of the 2017 Shadowwalker calendar can pick up the Umbralwalker armor, weapons, and shield from the Shadowwalker shop in Ballyhoo! The Umbralwalker of Time Set will only be available in the 20K package until September 30th.

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