2 Limited-Time Grenwog Z-Token Package Bonuses

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2 Limited-Time Grenwog Z-Token Package Bonuses

Hollow | Friday, March 26, 2021

Z-Token Bonus 
Extended for a limited time Z-Token packages give up to 25% more Z-Tokens!

Saber-Toothed Grenwog Pet 6K Z-Token Package Bonus:

The prehistoric version of the Grenwog is much more savage than it's modern cousin. It likes the taste of eggs more than it fears the taste of your enemy's sharp blades and magic, making it a powerful ally in battle! Grab yours while you can as these Grenwog packages are only available until May!

Spirit of Grenwog 6k Z-Token Package Bonus:

The Spirit of Grenwog Misc gives you resistance to Water attacks and a boost in festive spirit (+CHA)!  It also normally gives +10% gold from battles when in your active inventory (top 8 misc item slots), and a +25% boost during April!


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